Are you a fan of social media? Then, you will surely not want to miss an opportunity to have fun on MySpace. It is a very famous social media platform. Users of MySpace can share multiple types of contents such as images, videos, texts, and audios. Many artists use MySpace for the purpose of promoting their latest or most current work of art. There is one problem that its users face most commonly. The problem is that the users cannot download the wide variety of content posted there. So, in case you want to download the videos available on MySpace you need to have a MySpace Video Downloader. So here we will prepare you for the same.


If someone is looking for the best option available to download videos from MySpace then there is only one solution for them and that is VideoDuke. This application has not only a very interesting user interface but also a wide range of features which you can take minutes to read. It has got multiple benefits. On one hand, you can use it for the purpose of downloading multiple video files from various social media platforms including MySpace and any website on the internet having video content and on the other it can be used for downloading artwork, subtitles, playlists, audio files, and even javascript. With its amazing features, it has proved itself as the best MySpace video downloader for Mac.

Steps for Downloading Video from MySpace

The interface of VideoDuke is very clear and simple to use but in order to avoid any confusion we are providing you a step by step guide on downloading a video from MySpace:

  1. Run it in your device after getting the installation pack.
  2. After installing, go to the MySpace page on which the video is present and then open the video tab in the app.
  3. By this time the file will be prepared for the purpose of downloading on VideoDuke and will also be available on the opened tab.
  4. Then you need to select the download button present next to the video and then the downloading process will start. The file will be downloaded in the VideoDuke folder inside the Downloads folder.
  5. In case you have the URL available for the MySpace video that you need to download then you will have to just paste the URL in the right place and the video will be available for download.
  6. You can also change the destination folder by going to the save downloaded files options in settings.

MySpace in future

The user base of MySpace has declined gradually due to stiff competition from Facebook and Instagram. MySpace has brought the music part along with the social media part and this has proved to be a successful move for them. People may prefer Facebook as a social media platform but when it comes to the amalgamation of music and entertainment along with Social media then MySpace has got a huge base of followers in the U.S.

All the information given above is enough to get an idea about MySpace. One could clearly see that the steps to download a video from are very easy.