Wedding Limousine cars are the new trend. It not only makes the function more memorable but also ensures that you arrive in style and comfort. Arriving in a limousine makes the experience not only pleasurable but also unforgettable. As buying a limousine is an expensive affair, renting one for your big day is not. Limo Services Mississauga charge you per hour, per mile and per person. Limousines are an experience of their own, but the chauffeur can make the experience even more worthwhile.

Is it a good idea to tip the chauffeur?

The chauffeur makes your experience smoother while driving you to your location in comfort and luxury. When it comes to deciding whether you want to tip the chauffeur or not, it is really a personal choice. Tipping the chauffeur is an act of kindness. Nowadays, tipping is not only an act of kindness but is also a sign of humility on your part. Some people take it to be as an additional monetary gratuity. That is not true. Tipping your chauffeur is your personal decision and there are no hard and fast rules for that. If you feel that you do not want to tip the chauffeur, it is entirely your choice and is not forced upon you by any means.

What should you tip for?

Before renting a limousine, it is crucial that you check the company’s standards and also that the company, vehicles and chauffeur are licensed and have the needed paperwork. Once you have made sure of that, then only rent the limousine. In case your service provider has indulged you in exceptional services, then you could consider adjusting your tip as per the services which have been provided to you. The limousine drivers are usually professional and sharply dressed in tuxedos. Not only is he fully responsible for his job but also satisfy all your demands as and when they arise.

The chauffeur is dedicated to making your limousine experience more luxurious and royal than it is. When travelling in a luxurious car like the limousine, we tend to indulge ourselves more than ever. In such a situation you might make a few extra requests like extra steps, helping out with the heavy luggage, coffee, wine, newspaper, magazine or playing your favourite songs or movies. If your chauffeur has complied with every demand of yours and fulfilled them successfully and are excellent at their job, then you should tip them generously without thinking twice.