Having a clean and beautiful kitchen is the dream of every woman as it is the source of health and guest attraction. Clean kitchen ensures that the food you eat is clean and healthy and a beautiful kitchen adds charm to your house. We also do a lot of things to achieve the same. However, how we dry our dishes? It’s like a never-ending war between dish drying mat and dish racks. Microfibre Dish drying mats have bought the market to themselves. However, which is better? Let’s know the pros and cons

  • Drying mats

Microfiber dry mats or dish drying mats are used for drying dishes by allowing them to absorb the water by the tissue box [กล่อง ทิช ชู่, which are the term in Thai] of the mat.

  1. Is it the case every time?

No, you might love these mats for drying some utensils but drying a large pile of dishes, spoons or forks might not be a job of these mats. Moreover, the moisture gets trapped inside glasses and mugs and they do not dry.

  1. Storage?

Yeah, these mats are easily storable and occupy very less space. Once you are done with it, roll it and put it in a cabinet, no one will know!

  1. Are they multipurpose?

Unlike dish racks, these are not multipurpose.

  1. Do you have to clean them?

Of course, mats need cleaning once in a while to work properly.

  • Dish racks
  1. Drying

Dish holders [ที่ วาง จาน, which are the term in Thai] are in use from a long time. Therefore, they dry a good number of utensils.

  1. Storage?

Although earlier it was tough to store these racks, foldable dish rack has solved the whole problem.

  1. Multipurpose use

Definitely, these racks are multipurpose. You can use them for storing children’s dishes, kitchen linen, containers, lids, and your office files

  1. Cleaning

Though you can clean these racks by putting in the dishwasher, they do not need much cleaning.