The qualities of a person who plays sports include strength, the ability to work in different settings and environments and stamina.  These are the same qualities that a  plumber must possess in fixing a broken pipe in a frigid crawl space or working in an earthen wet hole to repair and replace an outdoor stinky waste disposal system.  If the repairs are done timely and correctly the homeowner and business owner will avoid an actual crisis.   The fact is that plumbers want to prevent disasters.  Avoiding crises provides job security but at the expense of working more than forty hours a week.  So when the plumber comes with a box of tools, he or she is welcomed with open arms by people seeking to have their lives put back together again.  You also may be greeted by a woman who is not an assistant but a licensed plumber.  While still uncommon, more females are entering the plumbing trade.

Plumbing is a skilled trade which requires a particular skill obtained in a college, technical school or specialized training. Skilled trades do not need four years of college education.  Training as a plumber takes place in trade schools many times found in community colleges.  One can become a skilled plumber by becoming a plumbing apprentice who could take four to five years to complete.  A plumbing apprenticeship is paid on-the-job training with a minimum of  144 hours of classroom time per year.  Typically, plumbers are licensed according to state requirements and must pass a test to qualify for a license.

For instance, a plumber in Burbank must complete California’s requirements for a journeyman and master plumber license.  The applicant must:

*  apply for a state-recognized plumbing apprenticeship program
*  pass exams in business and law and a plumbers exam
*  have at the minimum four years of experience as a journeyman
* have a working capital of at least $2,500 and a $10,000  bond
*  obtain plumber’s liability insurance
*  and must be approved by the California State Licensing Board.

Plumbers do more than repair; they repair and restore vital services that help people and businesses thrive.  Plumbers, serve residential customers from leaky fixtures to new bathroom installations and commercial services to keep the business open that service new and return customers.  Plumbers can offer regular maintenance and services from a team of plumbers and contractors.  Plumbers, in general, provide drain cleaning and repair, leak detection, slab leak repair,  trenchless sewer services, and water damage restoration.

Commercial plumbing services keep the business open serving new and return customers and offer regular maintenance and services from a team of plumbers and contractors. Plumbers can help restore a home or business to its original condition assuming the damage found is related to water damage.  If the damage is excessive plumbers work with contractors and a plan can be offered to repair both water-related and non-water related damages which can be fixed by plumber related contractors, who many times work together.