We will help you with your choice with some questions. Before anything, you have to know if you are looking for a classic or retro design, elegant or carefree. Do you want to be able to configure the image as much as possible or do you prefer that the camera be automatically adjusted by you? You may want to do crazy things like light painting or play with multiple exposures. Or, who knows? Maybe you’re not going analog and wish to modify or choose the photos before printing them.

Here; https://skylum.com/blog/the-best-instant-cameras you have the best for each case!

Are You Looking for an Original Design?

If you aim for the most casual designs, we recommend you take a look at the Instax Mini 8.

If you want something more elegant or classic, you may like the Instax Mini 90 more.

With Many Features?

If you want an instant camera with many creative possibilities, you should look at the Lomo’Instant Wide. Apart from having interchangeable lenses, it allows to make multiple exposures, long exposure photos without a time limit and uses the Wide-format of Instax whose photos are twice as large as those of the Mini format.

We also recommend the Leica. This camera allows you to take pictures with a reasonably large configuration capacity. It also has an unsurpassed image quality thanks to excellent quality lenses, something that is expected from the brand.

If instead, you prefer to take photos directly, you may like the Mini 70 or the Mini 25 more.

Choose The Photo Before Printing?

The final cry is the digital and hybrid snapshot cameras with which it is possible to select and edit the photos before printing them. The best examples are the Instax Square SQ10 and the Polaroid Snap Touch.

Your printing systems are respectful with the environment by not needing ink and allow you to add different filters, vignettes, stickers, frames, and texts to customize the photos to your liking before pressing the print button.