Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to upgrade the space you currently have, a bathroom design project takes careful consideration and time to complete.

Today, many bathrooms are being upgraded with marble, and the great thing about marble is how versatile it is. Marble looks great when paired with many design aesthetics from country, shabby chic, to modern, and traditional.

If you’re ready to hop on this design trend and make your space appear more updated than it currently is, here are common places you can upgrade in your bathroom design with the help of marble.

Adding marble to your overall bathroom design

Countertop: A simple way to upgrade your bathroom design is by updating your current countertops. Marble counters offer homeowners many benefits from durability to heat resistance — all great features to have in a bathroom counter where men and women may be spending their time with heat tools, combs, and makeup.

Flooring: One place you may not think about immediately is flooring. While most people think of marble as being only available in large slabs, that’s simply not the case. Marble comes in various shapes and sizes with one of those being floor tiles. Marble flooring allows a variety of different tones and patterns you’re sure to find appealing for your bathroom redesign.

Shower Walls: A cool feature to upgrade in your bathroom with marble are the shower walls. Not only do you have unlimited possibilities for how you’d like your shower walls to turn out, but a shower sells a bathroom and bathrooms sell homes. So, if you ever want to sell your home in the future, this is a smart area to invest in for a larger return.

Backsplash: Much like in a kitchen, bathrooms are a popular spot to include a backsplash. You can put marble around your bathroom sink and vanity area by going from the floor to your ceiling or you can choose a small section between your sink and your mirror. The choices are endless!