The congregation has worked hard to set up the church. But, there is a certain effort you have to put there. What about church furniture? Churches require different types of furniture than of your house. That’s why you need to do a bit of research about the different types of furniture in churches and then go for buying those. You can buy from any brick and mortar store, but online shopping is also a nice option. So, what are the different types of church furniture you can buy now? Read on to know more about the types-

  1. Altars

These are actually four-legged, a high table which is used in Churches for Sacrifices of the Mass. Usually, alters are made of wood and ornate designs are etched on it. In many churches, alters are used to place religious artifacts. Altars are also found in many lawyer’s chambers.

  1. Pews

After 1000 years of Church in history, there was no sitting arrangement in it. People have to stand or walking around during prayer and at other times. Then, the news came in the picture. These are the long benches where people can sit and worship. In many churches, you can find single-seated chairs instead of pews, but pews are more comfortable.

  1. Communion Tables

These tables are used to offer sacrament and communion. Usually, these tables hold the Sacred Host, the wine and bread in many churches. To add an aesthetic value to the church décor, you can go for a wooden communion table with ornate designs.

  1. Pulpits

The pulpits are actually the speaker stands. But, not all speaker stands are the pulpit, but only the left one is referred to as that. The side where the pulpit is positioned is known as the gospel side of the church and it is used to give sermons.

  1. Lecterns

In many churches, you may find a speaker stand on the right side also. This is known as a lectern. Usually, lecterns are such type of speaker stand which is used to read scriptures. The name, ‘Lectern’ means ‘to read’ in Latin. The lectern side of the church is known as the epistle side of the church.

So, here you get to know about the top 5 types of church furniture. There are several others, like chairs, ambo, baptismal fonts, offertory tables, and so on. These furniture are not like house furniture, so, you need to be minute while buying these.