When thinking about keeping their cars in optimal shape, very few people consider the interior of the cars. Perhaps the upholstery may not be as important as the other working parts of the car, it is still very important. A clean car interior tells very well of the car owner, it tells of someone who’s careful, put together and pays attentions to details. It also increases the value of your car if you ever want to sell it in the second hand market.

First things first

Keep Your Windows Closed At All Times

Dust and other little debris over time would ruin your car interior; it would make it look old and deteriorated. So keeping your car windows closed and using you’re A/C most of the time, especially when passing through dusty districts is very important. This will reduce the amount of dust and also amount of time you spend cleaning your car interior.

Park in the Shade

The UV rays of the sun have a very deteriorating effect. If you car is left out without covers, over time, the UV rays, the rain and other elements would act on the exterior and it would fade fast. The interior would not be spared also. So make sure to pack in a garage, or canopy if possible. If there are no permanent shades then maybe you might consider using temporary ones. There are basically two types of these temporary shades, one which you unfold and put on the windows and the screens, and another one which has some sort of adhesives, which you just attach to the windows to stop the sun from getting in.

Clean Thoroughly

Clean your car interior carefully; you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the upholstery of the car. If you have stains such as coffee spillages or juices or the likes, you can use a mild detergent to clean them up.

Use Floor Mats

Floor mats are made from rubber, therefore they are stronger than you cars carpeting. Place them on the car floor to protect your car’s carpeting, and every once in a while, take them out of the car and dust them off.

Take Care of Your Window Seals

Now these seals are very important as they’ll help keep fluid out of your vehicle. So just apply silicone or rubber protector on the weather stripping of your car windows and doors, so as to protect your car interior. Using oil based products though, they’ll damage your seals so be guided.

Clean Your Dashboard

Your gauges and dashboard should also be constantly cleaned. Knowing that your gauges are made of glass, use soft cloth so that you don’t scratch it.


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