Most people have an appreciation for being near the water after all, the beach is one of the most popular places to be around the world.

But is there more to being near water than just the fun that you can have swimming and hanging out on the beach? Research shows that there is a clear connection between close proximity to the water and better mental health.

Benefits of Being Near the Water

1.    People feel better when they live near water

In one study, researchers surveyed those who lived near the ocean with those who did not. They found that the people near the ocean consistently reported feeling better than those who lived inland.

2.    Living near sea life can make your allergies less extreme

It makes a lot of sense that those who wake up to the sound of the ocean every day feel better than those who don’t, but there are even more reasons to want to live on the ocean.

Apparently, the chemicals that marine life release cause allergy responses to become less severe.

3.    People respond better to water than city features, even in pictures

Researchers conducted another experiment where they had people rate how much they liked pictures those of attractive urban settings and those with water features like ponds or fountains.

People consistently preferred pictures with water of any kind. They preferred them just as often as they preferred pictures of natural settings over pictures of urban settings.

Enjoy Life on the Water

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