What to do if you leave the keys inside the house. It is recommended in these cases the following tips. The first thing you should do is not despair. With anguish you will not solve anything. Now simply click here to get the best information about the same.

To keep your lock in good condition, we give you some valuable tips:

If your home does not have a security system of great complexity and on the contrary uses classic keys with the standard bars of the market, you can choose to open it with a bumping key. This is a special key that you can fit in the lock.

Another way to do it is with a pick-up kit. For simple locks with click will suffice the most secure need a complete kit.

If it is a door that uses knob handles, a proper wrench will help you open it easily. Wrenches can get them easily in hardware stores. You just have to fit the long end of the wrench into the hole in the lock and it will open.

How to open a door with a card?

This method is very effective in simple door locks that do not have armored bars and generally use lever knobs or round knobs.

Get the right card: Do not use credit cards or personal cards because they will surely be damaged in the process. Try to find a large, flexible and resistant card that allows you to insert it into the slot in the metal door. Use club cards or hard phone cards.

Slide the card: Do it between the slit that is vertical in the door and the frame of it. Insert the card from the top of the lock through the slit of the door and lower it with force so that you sink the latch of the lock. Push the door hard with your other hand to open it.

If the door has a special finish around the lock that does not allow you to pass the card , you must first knock down the finish in wood or any other material so that you can open the door with the card.

Recommendations to keep your lock in perfect condition:

The continuous use of the locks can wear down the main door system, especially if it works with very aggressive keys with dotted shapes.

To keep your lock in good condition, we give you some valuable tips:

Try to spray some spray oil on the locks and hinges so that you can open your doors more easily and comfortably.

Slide the keys delicately, so you avoid damage to the locks.

Try not to expose your locks and doors to extreme sun, heat, humidity or rain because steel or iron will undoubtedly corrode.

Check the hinges of the hinges and check that everything is in perfect condition.

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Tips for opening your car:

If the door was closed and you left the keys inside your vehicle, before despairing, it is best that you follow these valuable recommendations.

In these cases it is best to use the call picks, a metallic tool that will serve to open the door of your car. If you do not have one on hand, use a clothes hanger or a metal hanger that is very similar to the pick.

Shape the hanger to turn it into a kind of key or lock and you can maneuver it. It should look like a long metal tool and at the end a hook.

Insert as much as you can the hook inside the weather strip of the window of the vehicle and with the hook so that it enters inside the door.

Move the hook until you get to hook the latch that is not too far from the edge or rubber strip of the car window.

Engage the latch and pull it up. The door should open automatically if it is manually closed.

If the car is self-closing or electric, slide the hook or hanger so that it works as your finger would do by pressing and releasing the security button on the door.