It is really hard to decide what to wear when you are going out. If an occasion is in the night, then it will be okay to formals but what if you want to go out during the day and it is summer time, and the temperature outside is over 50°. Now you cannot possibly be going outside wearing a formal, can you? No, you cannot. You have to think of attire, which will be elegant for the occasion at the same time makes you feel comfortable. And there is only one shirt that suits that criteria and it is polo tee-shirt. Over time polo tee-shirt has become a global phenomenon where it symbolizes class and comfortless- at the same time. But you look at the polos you have, and you will see there is not much variation when it comes to the designs or fabrics of the polos.

12Tees and polo t-shirts

To solve this particular problem of polo t-shirts, a clothing company 12Tees have come up with the idea where they let the customer design their polo t-shirts, starting from the very beginning that is the fabric and materials of the tee-shirt to the color and technology to be used in making polo t-shirts. 12Tees have given the customers full liberty when it comes to designing your tee-shirt. They provide this facility though only on bulk orders. So if you are interested in owning different types of polo shirts which are simultaneously designed by you, then it is time you contact them.

12Tees is offering different fabrics for polos like 100% polyester, polyester cotton blend, etc. These fabrics are durable at the same time good for air ventilation, which will provide you with a great level of comfort. Customers can also choose the technology based on which the polos are to be made like Nanotechnology, Nano dryX technology, Silver technology, UV technology, etc. Customers can choose the necks of the polos, the color, the number of buttons as well. So in a way, they are opening up the era of custom polo shirts. So be a sport and make your sport polo tee-shirt with 12Tees.