A 244-cc maxi-scooter, the Honda Helix made its debut in the United States in 1986. Discontinued in the States in 2007, it remains a bike loved by owners and enthusiasts. It’s known for its extended length, long wheelbase, lower seat position and roomy rear trunk. Whether used for daily commutes or recreational outings, you have a lot of scope for mods with this classic ride. Owners’ discussion boards feature details and photos of Helix restoration and repair projects. Here are the top 3 mods for Honda Helix based on discussion boards.

  1. Seat

If you’ve ridden your Helix every day for years, chances are you have a worn or damaged seat. Or perhaps you’ve acquired a model with a broken seat. Either way, look no further than online bike retailers for the parts and accessories that will restore your seat to its former glory. They carry genuine Honda Helix parts and aftermarket products for everything you need to improve your riding comfort and control, from Honda stays to Airhawk cushions. Once you’ve got your seat sorted out, you’ll be ready to ride in renewed comfort. Who knows, it might even inspire you to fill the Helix’s generous rear trunk with your bags and set off on an adventure!

  1. Grips

While the Honda Helix is famous for its smooth ride, many owners still choose to add grips. Today’s aftermarket products include grips made of gel and single-density compounds known for their superior vibration absorption. Not only do grips absorb vibration and give you greater hand comfort and control, but they also allow you to boost your scooter’s street style. For many owners, this is one of the top and most cost-effective reasons to add grips. For example, anodized grips are complementary to other anodized features such as brake levers. If you have a specific look and feel in mind for your Helix, grips are a simple way to further your creative vision.

  1. Tires

Just as there’s a huge online inventory of genuine Honda parts and aftermarket products, there’s an equally large selection of tires. A new set of tires can not only give your Honda Helix improved traction and handling, but also an updated, contemporary look. Bridgestone, Kenda, Michelin and other trusted manufacturers sell a range of tires to suit your vintage scooter and riding conditions. For example, the Michelin Reggae Scooter Tire’s large tread blocks and all-weather tread compound makes it suitable for on- and off-road riding. Then there’s the Duro HF290 Scooter Tire with its arrow-shaped pattern that efficiently disperses water and promotes your stability and traction. As you can see, you can find a tire that fits your Honda Helix and is suitable for a range of riding conditions.

Now that you’ve got the top 3 mods for Honda Helix in mind, start thinking about all the other mods you can make to the body and fenders, engine and exhaust, transmission and suspension. Shop bike retailers’ websites for OEM and motorcycle aftermarket parts and tires today. You’ll find abundant choice, affordable prices, specifications and options, and customer reviews. Happy shopping!