Are you invited to a party in the USA? Or perhaps planned on spending your entire vacation or holiday season? It can be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. But, of course, we’re here to help you out. Feel free to follow this guide on what you should bring when heading to America and some useful tips on the things that you should internalize and include in the planning stage. America is a huge country and it offers a wide array of activities you can engage yourself with and an abundance of destinations that are waiting to discover. It really has something to offer for all types of travelers wishing to spend their vacation in this well-known country.

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Apply for a required visa in advance

If you’re visiting the United States of America for 90 days or less either for holiday or business trips, you can apply for the special type of tourist visa known as ESTA. What you need to accomplish is to fill out the fields stated in the short online form and this is valid for two years from the date of issuance. Applying in advance is recommended to be prepared if something went wrong or some issues need to be resolved as soon as possible.The last-minute application is no longer accepted and this cannot be applied upon arrival at the airport. Besides, you’re not even able to board your flight without it.

Suggested clothing to pack for America

Weather in America is dependent on the season and the destinations that you planned to visit. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast to have an idea of what to expect on a given location for the entire duration of your trip. Here are some notes on what you should include in your luggage: Shorts, jeans, skirts, or long trousers; t-shirts, casual dress or playsuits, jacket, a jumper for the flight or coach, swimming attire, and pajamas. If you’re going out, a simple nice dress is recommended for the ladies and a collared shirt for guys.To maximize the space in your luggage, one best tip is to roll your clothes or purchase packing cubes. If later on, you’ll shop in America, you still have extra room to accommodate such stuff in your luggage.

Proposed footwear and accessories for America

The number of items that you want to pack is really up to you but if you’re a minimalist packer and just want to wear clothes in a set color palette and already scheduled per day, adding up some accessories is okay when it comes to mixing up your clothing. Always remember that you should be comfortable enough so you will enjoy every moment of your trip. Some proposed items to pack include sneakers, which is ideal for exploring during the day, flip-flops or sandals, closed-toe shoes or heels for a night out, a scarf for the cold weather, sunglasses, belt, and jewelry that can add accent to one’s attire.


Essentials to bring for America

Here’s what you need to remember when packing for toiletries. Don’t be stressed, you can take note of the following: sunscreen, especially if you’re traveling in summer season, shampoo and conditioner, soap or body wash, skincare like facial wash or moisturizer, insect repellent, tweezers and nail clippers, make-up if you’re into it, hair straightener, basic first-aid kit, and hand sanitizer. To avoid leakage, it is suggested that you pack your toiletries in a plastic or waterproof bag.

Gadgets and other vital stuff

Some of the items that you include in your hand-carry luggage include those fragile, important, and will be used often on the flight such as mobile phone, headphones which has noise cancelling feature, US power adapter and power board with a double adaptor, camera or go pro, passport, required travel documents such as ESTA application, bring with you a printed copy, neck pillow and eye mask, luggage tag which includes your name, home address and email address, and any medication that you need. Don’t forget to bring a prescription or a doctor’s letter.

Extra tips for the upcoming trip to America

In America, tipping is customary. Prepared at least small denominations like $1. Also, if you’ll be riding a taxi, it would be much easier to end the transaction instead of asking the driver for a change.

If you already know where you’re heading as you reach America, be sure to organize your airport transfers. You can either look for the hotel shuttle options, book a car in advance or just use public transport.

Before traveling, be sure to let your bank know that you’re using your regular bank card for the entire duration of your overseas trip so your card won’t be blocked just in case you try to make a purchase.