There are not many special occasions like wedding, and being a part of such an event as one of the most influential people is an honor. However, with so many challenges, being a wedding photographer is not an easy job to handle. The wedding pictures may seem rosy and glossy, but there are so many difficulties wedding photographers like wedding photography los angeles have to overcome. But if you overcome all these challenges, you will be able to provide something to your clients which they will cherish for decades. Here we have listed the top 7 challenges for a wedding photographer.

  1. Starting Your Photography Company

The first requirement for a wedding photographer is to have all the necessary equipment related to photography. Events such as a wedding require you to have multiple lenses, flashes, batteries, hard drives, memory cards, etc. and getting them is not an easy task as they cost a lot. However, it is a good idea if you can rent your gears. Secondly, the experience is vital to get hired for wedding photography. It is recommended to work as a second shooter to gain experience.

  1. Multiple Business Aspect

Wedding photography is not only photography, but it is also handling a lot of other aspects of a business. There is a myth that wedding photographers gets a lot of money only work for a days work, and it’s not true at all.

Since you are starting a company, you are the marketer, accountant, branding expert, paperwork, pricing, and bookkeeping officer for your photography company. Not only that, but you also have to maintain the photography workflow at the same time. In contrast to that myth, you know that you will work for all five days of a week for meetings, pre-wedding shooting, editing and doing all other stuff related to photography. In addition, you also have to work on weekly holidays during wedding season.

  1. Work-Life Balance

It is possible to face burnout and lose the passion and love for your work as a wedding photographer because you may become isolated when your job so consumes you. When you are a wedding photographer, you will find it hard to be just a person and not a wedding photographer since weddings can very quickly take over your whole life. During the wedding season, you will be busy on weekly holidays capturing the couples and their guests. It may also hamper your other relationships because you won’t be able to make time for those important people of your life sometimes. It is suggested to take a break sometimes and separate your personal life from your job.

  1. Seasonal Job

Wedding is a seasonal event in almost all parts of the world. Its either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer season so that weddings cannot take place. As a result, a wedding photographer will not work in most times of the year. So another challenge arises to raise funds in the “wedding seasons,” or you have to take up other jobs for money.

  1. Handling the Responsibility

In a wedding, you cannot miss some shots as they cannot be done again. You will get only one chance to click the scenes like the first look, first kiss, walking down the aisle, etc. it is your responsibility to make use of that one chance. You need to be technically skilled to take those critical shots, and at the same time, you need to handle the pressure while thinking creatively. Taking those wedding pictures requires full concentration and responsibility. Do not forget that you are responsible for someones lifetime memory-keeping.

  1. Mental and Physical Exhaustion

You need to be prepared to have a long day of mental and physical exhaustion because a wedding requires typically 8 hours of shooting which commonly jumps up to 14 hours! Working for such a long time requires a lot of physical and mental effort. Physically you may suffer pain on your shoulder for carrying so many gears while the time and effort will add some stress on your mind.

  1. Finding Your Unique Photography Style

Wedding is a diverse event, and wedding photography requires various photographic skills. However, you still need to find your unique photography style for attracting and providing people with something to cherish. Although wedding photography trends tend to change every year, you should be creative for creating your personalized style of photography.

To summarize, wedding photography is a blend of skills and creativity which requires you to overcome many obstacles. But these are the top obstacles that you need to overcome to become a successful wedding photographer.