Have you ever seen the heart of the kitchen? I know, you must be laughing at me after reading it and you must be thinking that how can a kitchen have the heart? But actually, every kitchen has a heart which is known as the kitchen pan. As the human body can not survive without the heart, similarly, cooking the food in the kitchen is impossible without the kitchen pan. So, let us know what all kinds of kitchen pan that you can have in the kitchen. Let us know about the huge variety of kitchen pans in the kitchen.

Milk Pan:

You must be having a saucepan with the spout in the kitchen? I’d yes, and then it is known as the milk pan. It is not necessary that you can only have the warm milk in the milk pan but actually, you can use the milk pan for the soups, sauces and other liquids as well.

Frying Pan:

In addition, it is common to have the frying pan in the kitchen. It is common to have the frying in the kitchen. Some foods can never be made without frying. So, you must be having a frying pan in the kitchen. Always make sure to choose the stable and non-sticky frying pan with a strong handle. It is because when you fry the things, the pan remains stable on the burner.

Grill Pan:

Just like frying, grilling is one of an additional type of cooking that is highly popular in the kitchen. So, having the grill pan is must because, without a perfect grill pan [กระทะปิ้งย่าง, which are the term in Thai], it is impossible to carry out the grilling.

Chef Pan:

Chef pans are the most commonly used pans in the large family or in the hotels. As the chef is perfect in cooking, so you can cook the food perfectly in the single pan. You can sauté the onions, then add the vegetables and rest of the ingredients and make the whole meal in the single pan. People can confuse it with the front and but both are different and chef pans are deeper as compared to the frying pans.