Not many of us know the right way to wear a pearl jewelry on a daily basis. Wearing your pearl jewellery in the right way is important to look sophisticated and impress everyone at a place. In this article, we will teach you how to wear pearls correctly for your daily use.

Choose the right kind of pearls based on your facial characteristics

Learn about their hue and color. Some of the common colors in which pearls come are gray, white, lavender, pink, and black. The second thing that you should know is the right way to match it with the skin, hair, and eye color. Once you master these tricks, you need to then choose appropriate pearls for the type of attire you are planning to wear.

Selection of the pearl on the basis of the outfit

White colored pearls

Japanese white colored Akoya pearl has the ability to style and compliment any kind of outfits, whether casual, formal, or party wear. A pearl necklace made from white Akoya pearls can highlight any formal business attire and make the center of the event. Learn here some more ways to wear your stunning pearl necklace daily.

Pink colored pearls

If you are going on a romantic date, then a pearl necklace made of pink colored pearls would look the best. It will highlight hair and skin tone of blonde ladies who have fair color skin and light hair tones. This necklace gives a softer touch to a personality and highlights the feminine image of a woman.

Lavender color pearls

This pearl necklace goes best on women with dark hair and skin tones. It is suited for the ones who wish to add some glamor to their existing outfits.

Black colored pearls

This necklace is characterized by its sophisticated and seductive elegance. It is mostly worn in formal events that can accentuate the look of your evening gown. They are the best to impart a gorgeous touch to women who have lighter shades of color and skin tones.


Hope all these above tips will educate you the right etiquette to wear a pearl necklace to make the right impression on people.