Human resources departments perform a number of roles for the company. One of their major duties is to assist employees and help them grow within the organization. Many employees have an advancement plan in place they review with the human resources department. This keeps them on track to move forward.

What else does HR do for employees?

  • Monitors your Manager

If you are having issues with your manager, human resources is in charge of investigating and finding out what the problem is. If you are being harassed for no reason, or they have a personal problem with you, human resources are designed to step in for conflict resolution.

  • Work/Life Issues

Things happen in life that can prove problematic. If you have personal issues, your human resources department can help direct you to resource that can assist. They are also responsible for coordinating the Employee Assistance Program to help employees provide balance. They also help employees in school with schedule changes and accommodations.

  • Medical Problems

If you have underlying medical issues, the human resources department works with the benefits department to help find resources to make things easier. They also coordinate FMLA paperwork. They ensure employees with disabilities are treated fairly.

  • Monitors Regulations

In addition to making sure employees are following all policies and procedures, they also make sure the company is following federal regulations.

  • Performance Monitoring

Performance reviews are always shared with human resources to ensure everything is fair. If there are underlying issues or the employee does not agree, human resources works to find out the truth and move accordingly.

Pursuing food processing human resources career opportunities can be exciting and ever-changing.