Whether it’s a new AC installation, heater installation, or an entire HVAC system that you want installed, you might be wondering if you can install it yourself. The answer to that is basically ‘no’ for many reasons.

Even if you have the skills to install the unit, there are many elevated risks to consider such as choosing the right size unit for the home and the electrical concerns.

However, these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg concerning why you should work with a heating and cooling company rather than attempting the installation yourself.

Legal Concerns

There are strict EPA regulations that dictate the proper handling of HVAC related materials, particularly those with refrigerant systems. In some states, handling these materials is illegal and punishable by law.

Furthermore, the improper use or disposal of refrigerants can be harmful to the environment and even your family if the unit is improperly installed and has any type of chemical leaks.

The Work Doesn’t End at Installation

Perhaps the installation seems to go flawlessly, but there is more to the job—much more. The system must be tested for functionality and energy efficiency to ensure that it’s properly in place. There may be a need to retrofit and balance the ductwork, as well.

Then, there is the cumbersome task of removing and disposing of the old unit and related parts. This can be expensive, especially if there are coolant chemicals involved, as these cannot be recycled or accepted by landfills.

Potentially Costly Issues with Self-Installation of HVAC

Any errors during the installation process can compromise the overall integrity of the HVAC system, resulting in equipment damage that can even affect other areas and systems in the home. This means costly repairs in the future, and if you think your warranty will be valid after a self-installation—think again.