If you want to be an ideal parent, you will choose an overall development for your child and not only the academic development.

And when it comes to overall development, things like sports and art play an important role.

If you observe keenly, you’ll find that children are born sportspersons and artists. They love to play, draw, paint, sing and dance.

You’ll be amazed to see how they use objects commonly found in their surroundings for creating art and expressing themselves.

They create castles from clay, create whistles from leaves and blow them, draw and paint on walls, try to create designs from food particles, beat kitchen utensils and dance to whatever music they hear.

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But if you stop them from doing all this and try to propel them forcibly towards studies, you are actually dwarfing their development.

Here are some amazing benefits children get from arts.

1. Visual Learning

Arts like sculpting, drawing and painting help develop visual-spatial skills in children.

According to Dr. Kerry Freedman, Head of Northern Illinois University’s Art and Design Education Department, children have to know more about the world than what they learn through text and numbers.

Art education makes students understand how to ‘see’, interpret, criticise and how to make choices accordingly.

2. Confidence

Getting up on a stage and singing boosts children’s confidence by giving them an opportunity to step out from their comfort zone.

When they improve and observe their own progress, there is an increase in their self-confidence.

3. Motor Skills

Children who play an instrument or hold a paintbrush or scribble a crayon develop fine motor skills sooner and more efficiently.

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Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

4. Creativity

Everyone needs to express oneself in some form or the other. It’s a natural urge which is equally essential as air, water and food.

Children can express themselves better through arts and not mathematics and science.

Drawing whatever odd shapes and fill them with whatever colours, singing a song loudly and dancing passionately are all their way of expressing themselves which they cannot do with a mathematical expression.

When they get freedom for expressing themselves in these ways, their creativity develops which enable them to think creatively and innovatively.

5. Improvement in Academic Performance

According to a research, children who get engaged in the creation of art three hours a day for three days a week for one entire year are four times more likely to make an academic achievement than those who do not.

6. Perseverance

Arts can be challenging. Learning to play a musical instrument can be at times so frustrating that the student may want to quit.

But when she doesn’t and practises well, her perseverance and hard work pays off.

In the future, when children are asked to develop new skills and complete difficult projects, this perseverance helps them to overcome difficulties and challenges.

7. Decision Making

Arts have an ability to strengthen the critical thinking and problem solving skills in children.

This helps them a lot in decision making. Decision making is very important in their education and other fronts of life.

So, you won’t stop your children henceforth from drawing, painting, singing and dancing, right?