These days, you will find a growing  use of the  transparent images in website design. It is a fact that, compared with the general images and pictures, resources in this form are more engaging and eye catching. Assume, a designer needs to use the image of a leaf to design a website. In such instance, it is likely that the professional will opt for the leaf transparent image, rather than using any stock photos, or images. Here are the reasons that justify the use of such resources in website design.

A wonderful way to use contrast

Use of contrast feature enables the designers to draw the attention and focus on the key areas. It is a fact that the right use of contrast effects can significantly enhance the engagement with the audience. In that regard, the use of transparent image is the best technique to adopt as it creates a wonderful contrast effect. So, if you need to use an image of a leaf, always opt for the leaf transparent image, rather than using the conventional images and photos.

Possibilities to create different versions of the same image

Assume, you need to use the leaf image many times in designing a website. If you just go about using the same image every time, it will make the application boring. Rather, you should try the leaf transparent image. It is for the reason, it is possible to play with its  extent of transparency, as well as it is possible to use widest options on colors that offers the widest scopes of customizations. So, with these minute changes, it is possible to use these variations to create unique visual effects. This will strongly work to attract the attention and engagement with the web traffic and it is likely that they will be retained on the website for longer spans.

If you are going to use the leaf transparent image, give the maximum importance on the file format. Keep in mind that, PNG and GIF are the only formats that support transparency. However, you cannot use animation with a transparent image, as these two aspects don’t come at a tandem. While using the transparent images, you should always use transparency in small spaces and it should be used in varying levels to create the best visual effects. Most importantly, you should never cover the most essential parts of an image.