File copying is one job which requires your presence till it is done as you have OK every copying command. The task gets more important if you are copying data at your workplace. But not anymore! The simple and convenient solution to this monotonous and boring job is Microsoft RichCopy. The software proves to be your one-stop solution to copy all types of files and send them to your desired location, without you being present in front of the system. Whether it is a large files or bulky data or small files and folders, it can easily copy anything and everything and paste wherever you desire.

It provides options of copying, moving big data files within seconds. Every businessman who likes to get handy tools at their service will love this program for what it does. If you are a person who constantly feels the need to copy files and move large data between office branches or from one device to another, then MS richcopy will definitely help you out. It gives you an option to copy a fil or a batch of file in just a few seconds with just few clicks.

It allows you to choose the destination location and also choose the file, you wish to transfer or copy. So, you save yourself from all the hassle of copying and pasting. It has a properties section to provide you all the info of the time when the copying has begun and the expected end time along with the progress report in percentage form. You are also provided with an alert when you have duplicate file or low space left in your system or during the time technical error which may have occurred during the copying procedure.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient tool to manage multiple files in a system and replicate them safely as you have access to read only formats which owns the original file content, then RichCopy will fulfil all your needs. It has the feature of multithreading which means you can copy several files at one time. Hence, all in all, it gives you a simple backup of all your files without any safety issues. It also can be used as backup utility which means you are allows to select the folders as well as subfolders which needs to be copied and send to the destination.

The program is licensed as a freeware for laptops and computers with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit OS. It is available as a software which can be downloaded for free. It is a very handy solution for all those business and companies who are looking for copying work effortlessly. And, the best part is that is easily accessible for business of all sizes and standards. So, use it to its fullest potential and safeguard all your data from getting wiped out or deleted. It is a boon for every tech working on computer. Download it now on your PC and see its features for yourself.