Pre poker session calls for a poker player to be ready and geared up for a gaming session. It can be a total spoilsport when you have to get up in the middle of your game to attend to something important. May it is for using the washroom or any ‘XYZ’ thing in the world, this can cause distraction and also lower down the concentration level. Thus there arises a need for every poker player to stick to the pre poker session protocols for good. So here are a few things that you need to consider before playing poker online:

Having pre-set goals

Having goals is mandatory for any task. May it be business where you have to generate profits or studies where you have to score good marks or poker online where you wish to earn some bucks, it is mandatory to have some goals? And by goals, we mean realistic goals that can be achieved and not those which may seem like touching the stars.

Listen to your needs

Before you start up with your online poker game, make sure that your whole body ranging from head to toe, is ready to give some peace to your mind for playing. Thus before you start, make sure that all your physical needs are attended to beforehand. May it be getting some snacks to satisfy your hunger, water for quenching your thirst or even using the washroom, make sure that you attend to all these factors before sitting up on the table? Attending to all these factors will help you stay more focused towards your game, eliminating all kind of physical interruptions in the middle of the game.

Build the right mood

Your mood is something of primary consideration when you sit up for betting. Playing in a scenario when you are highly frustrated, irritated, agitated or angry can make you lose. So in any such case, it is always better to quit rather than asking trouble for yourself on your own. And if you are seriously interested in playing some game, make sure that you calm down your nerves before sitting up for a poker session.

Mind activation

Before you sit up on a table, activation of your mind is necessary. For this, you can consider glancing at other poker tables where you can study the pattern and build some strategies to play your game. Just like writing involves a lot of reading, playing poker online needs a lot of game watching and research to play with full flair.


This may sound childish, but yes, a 5-minute meditation session can help you in building focus. It will calm your nerves and let you stay more focused, boosting your performance.

Bottom Line

So these were a few rituals that every poker player should adhere to play their best shot. Not only will let you stay focused while playing but will also bring in some prime success rate. So make sure that you follow these protocols to get some huge bucks in your pockets.