A doctor’s visitation at the clinics or hospitals all has one thing in common, waiting time. It can go from a minimum of an hour to a maximum whole day for just a consultation. We have not mentioned setting appointments for subsequent follow-ups. In addition to losing patience just sitting around while assignments at home or office are being piled up, the sitting area is in a crowded building with the nauseating smell of a sterile environment and the invisible threat of diseases in the air.

Thanks to modern civilization, we can now escape the hassle of waiting tediously for a medical visit at the click of a button! Online consultation provides equally high-quality healthcare with the added benefit of doing it at the comfort of your own home, anywhere, anytime. The best part is being able to arrange appointments flexibly with a doctor in advance and never have to forget about it as all paperwork is saved online. Reminders can also be set up through email notifications. Services can range from video call consultations to ordering for physiotherapist as well as medical devices such as wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors and etc. You can even search for specialist services closest to your area of stay.

As we have mentioned previously, having to miss work and assignments due to long queue duration forces patients to resort to other quick solutions, self- medicating with over the counter medicines and herbs. Without proper diagnosis, temporary solutions can turn into a permanent loss of life to not only consumers but people around them. Reasons being cross-reacting medications and herbs in addition to possible side effects of the medications to a healthy person or another with underlying disease. Over the counter medication is not suitable to eliminate the disease-causing organisms.

Humanity pulled through the Plague, Tuberculosis, Polio and various other deadly diseases by learning from mistakes and doing extensive research to fight back. Medical doctors are doing the same by constantly improving passed research findings for the health and wellness of humanity who have gone through so many dramatic changes to be where we are today. Trust that a proper diagnosis is given only after a thorough history taking and physical examinations due to a different physiological reaction from one individual to another. For instance, a different dosage of the same medication is given to a kid and an adult. The same goes for the treatment of different diabetic patients. Treatment and management are customized to cater to different individuals based on their health status.

As the saying goes, doctors are the only thing between you and death. A doctor isn’t just responsible for 1 life but saving 1 life meant being able to rescue others. Living in a world without barriers, diseases nowadays have a higher chance of crossing borders. Hence, a self-diagnosed disease out of a minor symptom could be hiding a more sinister illness requiring the first preventative step, the crowd- control. When you refuse to receive medical consultation, you are endangering others as well. One could be contracting Tuberculosis requiring long term medications in a seemingly normal prolonged bout of coughs and mild fever.

To conclude, never be afraid to refer to a medical professional face-to-face with your doubts on health-related issues or just to pick the mind of a doctor. With the internet, the age-old knowledge about anything under the sun is just at the small device in the palm of your hands. Nonetheless, in-depth research and a filter of the facts and figures are needed. Talk to an experienced medical professional now!