The weather conditions play a major role in deciding upon the exterior siding. In tropical region, siding is different whereas in colder regions siding consist of a different material. Roofing repair Cambridge by D’Angelo Roofing identifies various pros and cons of different siding materials. It helps to determine siding which is suitable for cold weather.

Although any material can protect your home, you need to understand the features and later choose the best one.

To make things simple below are some of the most used Siding Materials.


People often want to keep their home warm. This is the reason why wood is highly preferred. Compare to vinyl or aluminum it protects against cold in an effective way.

Although it gives a classic look and is even a popular siding option, it is expensive. For cold weather, it is not an appropriate choice. Wood paneling and clapboard expands.  It also warps due to winter freezing and change in temperature. This leads to loss of paint, cracks and even rotting. There are chances of water damage too.  It requires a lot of maintenance for protecting the siding against the harsh winter elements. You need to paint the wooden siding on a frequent basis.


Vinyl has taken over traditional wood siding on residential homes.  It looks similar to the wooden siding. But the best thing is vinyl requires less maintenance and is even cheaper. Compare to wooden sidings, vinyl does not decay. It is also unable to absorb much water. However, in extreme cold, it cracks and cannot withstand high winds.

Aluminum –

Compare to vinyl, aluminum is a better option. However, it easily gets a dent. The best thing about aluminum is that it can withstand all kinds of weather fluctuations. It also provides a large scale of color options. You can get it painted according to your taste. The finish of aluminum stays for a longer time.

Brick or Stone-

Brick and stone can easily manage the harsh climates. They provide durability. During cold weather, siding done using brick is a great source of insulation as it is enabled with heat storage quality. Also, it is resistant to wind. If it is properly done, your home lasts for a longer period of time. You only need yearly maintenance. For people staying near the coastline, should avoid brick.

Fiber Cement-

In modern times people opt for fiber cement. It is a mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose. It looks similar to the wooden siding. In terms of cost, it is cheaper like vinyl. Apart from that, it is fairly water resistant. It can hold paint for a longer duration. Hence, the siding will always look fresh. Other advantages of fiber cement are, it is insect as well as rot resistance and one can easily repaint it.

Depending upon the requirement and after consulting an expert like Roofing repair Cambridge by D’Angelo Roofing, you can select the appropriate material.