Makassar has always been a good destination place in Indonesia not only for its own tourist destinations but also for its delicious and unique regional dishes. If you are having a trip to Makassar, make sure to try these 3 yummy snacks and beverages in Makassar.

  1. Pisang Epe Losari

Makassar has a local banana dish called Pisang Epe Lori, which is very popular due to its delicious flavor and can be located in Losari only. To be able to make Pisang Epe, the sort of banana utilized is really a half-baked banana. Why must it be half done? Since the banana will produce a texture that’s soft but not too soft. The Banana Epe processing process is quite easy. The peeled bananas have been roasted over the coals until they are done. After the banana is placed on top of an instrument made of wood cubes to be pressed until it’s flat or slightly flat. Then the banana is roasted. Following the combustion process is complete, the banana is served with a dash of durian or jackfruit flavored molten sugar.

  1. Jalangkote

Jalangkote is a bite that is practically similar to the favorite Indonesian snack, Fried Curry Puff. However, the skin of jalangkote is thinner than the other curry puffs. To be able to eat this snack, you must consume it uniquely. You must love this bite with a sauce made from a combination of small chili, red chili, garlic, onion, salt, vinegar, and sugar.

  1. Es Pisang Ijo

The main course, snack, and now here we come to the absolute most preferred newcomer in Makassar. I sang ijo or ice green banana is a dish which becomes the emblem of Makassar and is quite famous not only in Makassar but in other regions too. Es Pisang it is made of banana based with green flour mixture, marrow porridge, crimson peppers, coconut milk sauce, and condensed milk in addition to shaved ice to make Es Banana Ijo. It should not be missed when coming into Makassar.


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