World Cup Fantasy Cricket game popularity has developed significantly in India. Thus, if you are quick to join this online fantasy game at, bounce onto the game and we are certain you won’t regret.

Truly, it is conceivable to play fantasy cricket league and win real money at 11Wickets. Give us a chance to clarify how this functions.

The fantasy cricket platform, 11Wickets, sign up today and get Rs. 25 bonus. 11WIckets offers two methods of play. One is the free league mode, where you make your team of 11 players for a specific league and join to earn cash prizes. Based on the performance of the players in genuine life match, your team’s earns points. Your team ranks on the basis of the points earned by your team players while playing in the real match.

Another method of playing the online cricket fantasy game at 11Wickets is by depositing a certain amount of money and join the contest of various leagues. This is the place you can win a good amount of genuine cash and earn money. Here, you join a league, pay the league joining fees, select your fantasy 11 team and after that enjoy the genuine match. On the basis of the performance of the team players, your team gets points and on the basis of that your team gets ranked and an allotted cash prizes depending on the rank.

Following are a few systems to procure playing daily fantasy cricket league at 11Wickets

Understand the point’s structure

Each online fantasy cricket platform has a different point structure. Some of them give points to Batting, for instance, runs, the fifties, etc., some give more weight to bowler’s performance, for instance, wickets, woman over, etc., Some of the platform give a balanced points system between batting, bowling and fielding. In like manner, 11Wickets give different points for ODI, T20 and Test matches. Dependent upon the match and platform point’s structure, pick legitimate players.

Select your star players wisely

You have to think a lot before indicating a player as captain and vice-captain. Investigate the on-going performance of these players and settle on a decision. In 11Wickets, you can pick players from the pool of players accessible.

Refer and Earn

11Wickets offers a super referral program by giving you and your referral equal bonus amount to play fantasy cricket.In this referral bonus offer, you will get ₹50 bonus on referring a friend as well as your friend will also get ₹50. However, a twist in the tale is that both of you will get the bonus amount of ₹50 each after the successful completion of registration of your friend at 11Wickets.

12th Man Feature

Play now with the exclusive and newest 12th man feature at 11Wickets. It letsyou select an extra player, who plays when one of your chosen 11 players is not playing in the initial squad. Your chosen 12th man will count inyour team’s point when one player from your initial 11 squad will not play.