Big butts are in vogue, with celebrities and their large derrieres driving this beauty trend forward. With stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner exhibiting their extra-large bottoms to the public, cosmetic surgeons are being incessantly thronged by potential surgery candidates in the UK, Europe, America, and Asia enquiring about the Brazilian bum lift surgery.

What is a Brazilian Bum Lift?

A Brazilian bum surgery is a buttock augmentation procedure to make your buttocks look rounded, bigger and/or lifted. Surgeons harvest the patient’s own body fat and inject it into the butt during the procedure. For most patients, this surgery offers two benefits for the cost of one. First, they get to make their buttocks look a lot fuller and desirable. Second, they also get rid of the fat from other parts of their body, such as the stomach and thighs.

Results and Recovery

The results of the surgery take time to show up. In fact, your bum would become smaller than usual during the first six months after the procedure. This is because close to 50 percent of the injected fat is lost – because that is how things work.

Your body can’t cope up with the injected fat grafts equally. However, what remains after the six months are there to stay. Most probably, after a year, the volume would be stable.

Recovery takes patience and could be painful during the initial week. And failure to follow aftercare advice could lead to poor healing. During the initial two weeks, you’ll be lying only on your front. The initial week is difficult; the liposuction during the next week doesn’t hurt that much. And you should feel a lot better and become normal again after a month or two.

Risks and Caution

Like most other surgeries, Brazilian butt lift has its share of pitfalls too. There are certain things that mustn’t be done during the procedure, which only experienced and skill surgeons would know. There is nothing inherently wrong with the procedure – it’s the people who do not understand what they are doing are likely to cause trouble. A botched buttock lift surgery could lead to some major complications.

Care must be exercised when injecting the fat. Fillers must be avoided at all costs – fat is the ideal filler substance to use. An individual’s fat isn’t foreign to their body and it’s therefore less likely to be declined. Permanent fillers, such as silicone, are a strict ‘no’. They could present a host of complications, including infection, unsightly scarring, and horrible cysts.

Finding the Right Doctor is Crucial

It’s critical you find a buttock lift surgeon who is skilled in both body contouring and liposuction. The doctor would mark the portion that would be the most prominent part of the buttock. If you do not have enough fat in your body to harvest, there is no point opting for the procedure. A good surgeon would tell you whether your body’s fat content is plenty enough.

A capable doctor would also have solid knowledge about your buttock’s anatomy and how deep the fat could be injected. If the fat ends up entering the muscle part, the high supply of blood in the region could lead to serious problems.

Fortunately, this can be easily avoided if the surgeon strictly adheres to the safety procedures. Remember, if you are not meticulous with your selection of surgeon, you could end up with various bumps and unsightly lumps after the lift.