You know the scene. You are sitting back with some friends, listening to good music. The only thing that could make this experience a little better is some flower. You don’t want to smoke because you would wear the scent on your clothes for hours.

Vaping pens offer the best of both worlds. They allow you the full shared smoking experience, without all the actual smoke. But do you really know what you are inhaling?

Here are four things you should know before you vape cannabis.

Do You Trust the Manufacturer?

Vaping has become all the rage lately. You can find vaping products in nearly every gas station and smoke shop around the country. But just like you would not rank a gas station hotdog with a gourmet restaurant meal, not all pens are alike.

Despite the claims on the label, many cheaper pens and smoking products contain unhealthy and even toxic materials. Many of the companies claiming to be producing these products are not available on the web or do not have a stable address. Do you really want to inhale a surprise?

Before you vape, you should always make sure the pen and cartridge both come from reputable, stable enterprises.

How Was the Cannabis Processed into Oil?

As mentioned above, some less reputable companies do not have enough of a public image to allow research. It can be nearly impossible to determine how they process concentrated cannabis oil.

That aside, some processes can include potentially harmful solvents. Even safer methods often involve high temperatures and chemicals that can alter the flavor.

Before you inhale, you should know more about the process used to create your cannabis oil. Cold-pressed cannabis oil, for example, avoids the harsh chemicals and high temperatures that can ruin the plant experience.

Cannabis Growing Techniques

You received your product, and it works as advertised. What do you know about the environment in which that plant was grown? Was it destroyed by harsh pesticides and artificial fertilizers? Was the product tended by workers who were paid living wages? Was the process fair to the growers?

Nobody wants to hear about the problems of the world when trying to relax. Before you vape, make sure you purchased your products from a company that is known for fair business practices and high-quality cannabis. That way you can vape in peace.

Standards for Consistency

When growers and manufacturers have low standards, the same product at different times can have wildly different qualities. You recognize this change in quality through the completely different feel to the cannabis. One week it seems way too strong, but the next week it feels watered down.

Before you vape, you should always know that your supplier has high standards for consistency. One of the advantages of using concentrated oils is consistency. The cold-pressing process provides that standard feel with the same great flavor.

Now You Know

Now you know more about the product you are inhaling. It is time to understand more about the integrity of the company. Lowell Farms stands behind every single product, every single time. They guarantee the best quality marijuana smokes, oils, and vaping products on the market. Visit them at

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