There are many gambling options available today; however, few of the current online solutions offer Pittsburgh punters the kind of satisfactory experience that they desire. This is where the Parx Casino Pittsburgh Sportsbook comes into play. At Parx facilities, area punters have become accustomed to an across the board level of quality. This includes:

  • elegant brick and mortar casino facilities
  • broad range of sports betting
  • top tier horse racing
  • a no nonsense sportsbook
  • the introduction of online gambling
  • exciting nightlife events
  • fine dining
  • specially scheduled entertainment
  • and more

Parx is a brand that specializes in delivering a premium product. This is why so many gamblers were excited when the casino introduced an online option in its Pittsburgh Sportsbook. Parx delivers a higher standard in an online environment often plagued by insecurity and unreliable apps.

Online Betting Recently Made Legal by Pennsylvania

The sports betting industry in Pittsburgh has been stringently regulated for some time. It was only recently that the state’s governing agency relaxed its policies. Online gambling is now legal in the state. This was no small feat and much of the United States still faces strict regulation. The PA Gaming Control Board regulates and licenses casino gambling and slot machines in Pennsylvania. Parx Casino worked with the board in instrumental ways to help usher in new policies that allow for applications like its online Pittsburgh Sportsbook. Parx again proved itself as a leader in the entertainment industry.

Online vs. Brick and Mortar Activities

As one might imagine, there is quite a difference in operating an on-site casino as opposed to online gambling. Ensuring the success of a brick and mortar establishment with a horse racing venue might seem like the obviously more challenging endeavor. However, consider how the online environment is necessarily a global one. This means that security, cultural, and regulatory disparities must all be accounted for. These and more are the types of challenges that regulators faced in legalizing Pennsylvania gambling. The demand and popularity of online apps for betting was clear. The capability of area casinos like the respected Parx establishment was undeniable. With the need and means available, administrators just needed to understand the nuances of the online environment to allow for a secure, quality solution.

A Top of the Line Pittsburgh Sportsbook

Pittsburgh area residents now have the luxury of setting up online accounts to access their local casino. They are able to enjoy the rewards they acquired through the same establishment from the comfort of their own home or use them for a night out. In this way, the Parx Online Pittsburgh Sportsbook elevates entertainment options for loyal customers. The online app is also a way for new consumers to test run Parx service. Furthermore, Parx Casino can use its app to stay in contact with its punters. It’s a win-win solution in the areas of time savings and consumer feedback. The future of gambling just got stronger with Parx’s Pittsburg Sportsbook.

About Parx Casino

Greenwood Racing Inc, owns Parx Casino. Over the years, the company would establish a great reputation led by its lavish horse racing facilities. It would quickly grow into the largest casino in the state of Pennsylvania. The on-site casino boasts nearly 200 live table games. All of the most popular gaming options are available. From Poker and Blackjack, to Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat, experienced Pittsburgh area punters have their fill. Over 3,000 slot machines also populate the facilities.