Krakow is the most prominent and the oldest city in Poland. It was established somewhere in the 7th century and has retained the values of those times in food, culture and hospitality till date. The food of Krakow is one of the most calorie-rich foods available. The flavor and richness of Krakow cuisine is something simply irresistible.

Listed here are the must-have dishes your food tour specialist might suggest you. Read on to know what makes them so delicious.


  • Pierogi: These are scrumptious dumplings and have earned the title of national dish of Poland. The dumplings are filled with tasteful ingredients like boiled potatoes and cheese, fruits and sweet sauces, and so on. But, it is the filling of meat with mushroom and sauerkraut that has earned it countless patrons.
  • Bagel: Bagel has made to the list of traditional foods of Poland. This dish dates back to the 14th century and has something to offer to people with liking for salty and sugary flavor. The bagels are baked dishes that have salt, sugar and roasted sesame sprinkled on it.
  • Fudges: Fudges are the confectionary item made using butter, sugar, milk and vanilla as main ingredients in the original recipe. The dish has seen many variations till inception. A Pomorkis family of Poland prepared this dish for the first time in 1930s. This is a toffee, which is chewy outside and liquid in the core, and tastes heaven.
  • Sour Soup: Made using bacon and hard boiled eggs, it is enriched further with sausage and potato. The dish is having a tangy and sour flavor and is considered quite high in protein.


So, now you know what you will get to eat when anyone in Krakow mentions these dishes to you. If not accompanied by a local, ask for these dishes when you are on a Food Tours Krakow.