2020 is coming in just a few months, and you are most probably looking forward to a new adventure to take in the following year to come. The world is big and it’s waiting for you to be explored; the possibilities for new thrills are endless.  It’s never too early to plan your dream cruise and vacation, and live your one of a kind adventure. Be sure to consider taking a cruise on your next travel and experience a luxurious vacation you haven’t had before. When you go cruising on your next travel, you can make use of marinetraffic24.com to check the real-time update on the location, movement, and actual position of your ship in their map.

If you are interested in booking for a cruise next year and you don’t have any idea yet on what cruise to take, let us give you a few lists of best cruises to take in 2020.

  1. Bahamas Cruise. The Bahamas is the perfect destination for people who seeks to have fun with the sun, sand, and sea. The country is home to famous white sand beaches, beautiful islands, aquatic adventures, and its rich cultural heritage. You can start your cruise to the Bahamas in Miami, Florida where you can wander the streets of Calle Ocho in Little Havana and experience Miami’s Cuban tradition. You can then sail in Nassau, the Bahamas where you can relax in a private resort or island and lounge like a local in the Junkanoo Beach, and sail again to Perfect Day at Cococay and conquer the tallest waterslide in North America.
  2. Norwegian Fjords Cruise. Be ready to be taken right up close the world’s famous Norwegian fjords and Norway’s vibrant cities when you sail on a Norwegian cruise. The country is a perfect spot as well if you love to appreciate nature at its best; if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see eagles hovering above the blue skies, and whales and seals playing in the deep fjords. The aurora borealis is also a sight to behold in Norway.  In Norway cruises, you have the options to either admire the beauty of the fjords in the comfort of your ship or you can opt to join shore excursions where you can visit the Norwegian countryside, fjords, and cities and experience its rich culture in Oslo and delicious cuisine in Bergen.
  3. Mediterranean Cruise. The list of best cruises in the world wouldn’t be complete without adding a Mediterranean cruise on the list. A cruise in the Mediterranean means setting sail for an adventure that will let you step in the historic past and beauty of this region. From the postcard-perfect coasts of Santorini and Amalfi coast in Italy, the ancient cobblestones streets of Florence and Dubrovnik, to the Greek Isles and Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, a cruise in the Mediterranean will surely fulfill your Mediterranean summer’s dream.
  4. Antarctica Cruise. A cruise in Antarctica is a dream of most of the travelers. Antarctica is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. With its towering icebergs, incredible wildlife, and environment that is so pristine and untouched by human hands, Antarctica will let anyone who witnesses its beauty be filled with awe. Cruising in Antarctica will allow you to meet the original settlers of the Southpole, of which are the different species of penguins, seals, and the ever spectacular humpback whales.
  5. Hawaii Cruise. Most ideal to couples celebrating their honeymoon, Hawaii cruise has a lot of things to offer as a tropical destination. You can start your cruise here from Vancouver, British Columbia then spends days of cruising going to Hawaii. When on board your ship, you can enjoy the luxurious facilities and services that the cruise company offers. Most of the cruise today, offer pools, mini-golf courses, rock climbing wall, and stage show onboard the ships, and if you’re thinking that sailing on a cruise ship is boring, then you might have to think again. When your ship arrived in Hawaii, you can visit the different islands in the state, and enjoy the sunand its spectacular sceneries. Some of the things you can do in Hawaii include island hopping, forest bathing at Rainbow Falls, sun-bathing and swimming, and trekking through the lush Hana Rainforest.
  6. New England Cruises.You’ll never run out of new adventures in New England with its many ports to explore, each port offering a little different from the others. One of the most popular state in the New England region, Maine, is surrounded by miles of coastline and idyllic lighthouses and one of the best ways to enjoy the region is through its small towns. Get lost with its cobblestones streets dotted with antique lampposts and colonial homes, and learn about the American Revolution on your New England cruise.
  7. Christmas River Cruises in Europe. A river cruise from Vienna to Nuremberg is pure magic, especially during the holiday season. With the river cruise in Austria, you’ll get to celebrate Vienna’s musical heritage with the sound of Mozart and Strauss. The city is also filled with green parks and theaters. Travelers who cruise in Germany, on the other hand, get to learn about the Christmas traditions in Nuremberg. The city is also popular with its medieval fortifications and gothic churches. Christmas markets in Austria and Germany are also the best in Europe and one of the main reasons why people go on river cruising in Europe.
  8. Best of Japan Cruise. One of the best countries to take a cruise vacation in Asia is in Japan. Japan, after all, is the fusion of the great past and modern future. With its more than fifteen different ports of calls in every side of the country, Japan cruises will surely take you its bustling cities, historic sites, natural wonders, and beautiful sceneries.  You’ll also have the opportunity to try its authentic sushi and ramen, and its world-famous Kobe beef and fermented sake.