FIFA, which is also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a very popular game that is marketed by EA Sports. Since its launch in 1993, it has come a long way and is one of the most popular games that has ever been played throughout the world. Due to its stupendous success, it has also managed to find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! Over 20 years, it has captured the imagination of football lovers so that they can play with the best players, clubs, teams, and leagues with all detail and concern.

It has a widespread presence in over 50 countries and can be accessed in more than ten popular languages that are spoken throughout the world. That is the reason that the game has sold more than 260 million copies since its inception. It has also kept up with the changing times and many changes and improvisations have been introduced to it since the game was first launched in 1993. We take a look here at some of the certain factors that have helped it to maintain its popular run through the last two and half decades.

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  • The craze for the game – There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport on the planet and practically every country plays the sport. This has helped FIFA to maintain its popularity with ease as players can relate to the game easily and pick some of the best names in the sport. Football matches take place everywhere and as such, people are comfortable in understanding it very easily. Moreover, unlike some other sports, the rules of football do not vary between leagues, teams or clubs and that makes it easy for a user to play the game comfortably.
  • The brand counts a lot – Initially, for playing football as a video game, there were two alternatives – FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). There was a dogfight between the two till 2005 until when both enjoyed reasonable success. But in 2006 when FIFA launched its FIFA 06, suddenly everything was changed and FIFA emerged as the clear winner out of the two. The reason was that a new engine was used by the company and over half of the game’s codes were rewritten that improved its ultimate appeal.

Then, in 2009, EA Sports came out with the FIFA 09 that was the first edition to feature Ultimate Team. Ever since the company has ensured that new features and attractive modes are included in its game players have taken to it quite vigorously. More than anything, the brand has established its name in the segment so that gamers have trust in its offering.

  • The reality that it presents – FIFA offers reality like no other sporting game and that is one of the big reasons for its roaring success. People like to play games as it provides them with an opportunity to recreate scenarios that may not be possible in real life. FIFA helps in creating that alternative reality for gamers so that people playing the game can get immersed in the experience. Attractive features like the live Sky Sports match day and official Premier League merchandising only helps to improve on the reality quotient so that people can relate more easily to the game.
  • A large number of selections – FIFA offer players a plethora of selection so that gamers can be left pampered for choice. There is English Premier League (EPL), Italian League, Spanish League, French League, Dutch League, and German League apart from many others. All these leagues have their own set of fan following and players can get a large number of quality names for playing the game.

So, either one opts for Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann or any other renowned player most of the names are there for selection. It makes it all the more sense to pick one’s favorite star and play the game as required.

  • Player rating plays a major part – In FIFA, all the players are rated accordingly. If a player enjoys a rating of 80, he can easily be said to be better than a player who has a rating of say, 70 and that makes it all the more challenging. This difference can be very well noticed during the gameplay too.
  • Gaming consoles also have a role to play – The advent of sophisticated gaming consoles has also been a big reason for the stupendous success of FIFA. Earlier, when much of the games were only available on PC or large screens only, there was not much buzz on the ground. But with the arrival and availability of PS-variants and other handheld devices, FIFA has enjoyed commendable success as anyone can access the game with ease and play on different types of medium with the same ardor.

These are some of the reasons why FIFA has been so successful and as it braces to launch its newest offering, FIFA 19, we hope that the same level of zeal will be displayed once again by the players of the game.